NM State Bible Drill & Speakers Tournament

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Start time 8:30am 

Del Norte Baptist Church

Click here to see how Bible Drill workshttp://bcove.me/tcolojvi


It is time for another year of Bible Drill.  If you plan to have Bible Drill or are considering having Bible Drill at your church, the following information will be helpful to you.  Bible Drill is a great program that can help children instill God’s Word in their heart as they learn Bible skills and memorize Bible verses.  We have resources available for you to do Bible Drill which we will send at your request.

Mark your calendars now!  This will include Children’s Bible Drill, Youth Bible Drill and Youth Speaker’s Tournament all together on Saturday morning.  We will begin with Youth Bible Drill, the Speaker’s Tournament will be second and then the Children’s Bible Drill.  Contact your association’s office for the association’s Bible Drill information. 

Children’s Bible Drill is for those children who are in grades 4th-6th.  This year’s verse cards are in the green cycle.  You may want to have one for each participant.  These cards may be obtained through our office for free or the Lifeway.com website.  Or, there is a new Bible Drill resource from Lifeway called ‘Bible Drill Competition Guide’.  This resource is giving us all the verses as flash cards in PDF files.  This book has many other activities, games and suggestions for leading Bible Drill that may also be helpful to you.  The Leader’s Guide for Children’s Bible Drill is available on your request or in the “additional resources” tab.

Youth Bible Drill is for those youth in grades 7th-9th.  This year, the Youth Bible Drill is in Cycle 3.  The Leader’s Guide for Youth Bible Drill is available on your request or in the “additional resources” tab.

Youth Speakers Tournament is for those youth in grades 10th-12th.  The Leader’s Guide for Youth Speakers Tournament is available on your request or in the “additional resources” tab.

Visit www.lifeway.com for additional resources provided to assist you in leading Children’s Bible Drill.  The ‘Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills’ resource is available for purchase from Lifeway and is a great aid in planning your Bible Drill time. The new ‘Bible Drill Competition Guide’ is also a great resource for planning and conducting Bible Drill.

Children’s Bible Drill 

Youth Bible Drill

Youth Speakers Tournament