February 27-28
Sandia Baptist Church

Monday Evening, February 27

4:30 pm Exhibits Open/Registration Begins
5:45 pm Prayer & Welcome
5:50 pm Introductions
6:00 pm Praise & Worship–Phillips, Craig and Dean
6:20 pm Message–Bill Henard
7:00 pm Praise & Worship–Phillips, Craig and Dean
7:20 pm Message–Chad McDonald
8:00 pm Closing Prayer
Pie Fellowship following the session.

Tuesday Morning, February 28

8:00 am  Exhibits Open/Registration Begins
8:20 am  Case for Christ–Movie Preview
8:50 am  Prayer & Welcome
9:00 am  Praise & Worship–Phillips, Craig and Dean
9:20 am  Message–Emerson Falls
10:00 am  Praise & Worship–Phillips, Craig and Dean
10:20 am Message–Chad McDonald
11:00 am Closing Prayer

Breakout Sessions 1:30 – 3:00

Emerson Falls Evangelism for Introverts

David Galvan Small Groups in Church Outreach

Adam Groza  The Gospel For The Church and From The Church

Bill Henard  The Pastor as Church Revitalizationist

Lisa Hoff  Bridging the Cultural Divide: Equipping Women to Reach Diverse Communities

Chad McDonald  Five Essentials of the Evangelistic Sermon

Wayne Poling  Key Factors in Developing Evangelistic Groups (Small Groups and Sunday School)

Richard Ross  Discipling the Next Generation

Phillips, Craig and Dean  Round Table Discussion

Tuesday Evening

4:30 pm Exhibits Open/Registration Begins
5:50 pm Prayer & Welcome
6:00 pm Praise & Worship–Phillips, Craig and Dean
6:40 pm Message–David Galvan
7:40 pm Praise & Worship–Phillips, Craig and Dean
8:00 pm Message–Adam Groza
8:40 pm Closing Prayer

State Evangelism Conference Speaker Bios

Emerson Falls is a Native American of Sac & Fox and Choctaw descent. Born and raised in Oklahoma, he left to attend Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in California where he earned the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees. For many years he has pastored churches in California and Arizona, and most recently, Glorieta Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

In 1989, Dr. Falls founded and was Director of the Rocky Mountain Campus of Golden Gate Seminary, located in Denver, Colorado. He has served as President of Cook College and Theological School. Dr. Falls also became the first elected Native American to serve as President of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. He currently serves as the Native American Specialist for the BGCO.

He is married to his wife, Shirley. They have two children and three grandchildren.

David Galvan is married to his wife, Elvia, of 43 years. He is the father of four grown children, Marissa, husband Alexis Neal (with 7 boys and 1 girl), Elisabet, husband Chris Hyland, Edna husband Reid Strobel (1 daughter, 1 son), Jonathan wife Skyler Galvan (expecting baby girl).

He is has a B.A from Pan American University 1973, and a Master of Ministries from Criswell College 1980.

He has been the pastor of Primera Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida “New Life,” in Dallas, Texas for the last 34 years (the church was previously in Garland, Texas); www.newlifedallas.org

He is an active member of the Dallas Baptist Association since 1979 and has served in many committees, including the Pastor’s Conference – President and Program Chairman, Vice-Moderator, and Moderator of the Executive Committee.

He was elected Second Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention for 1997-1998.

He served as Trustee at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1998-2006 and as Chairman, of the same, for the last two years of that tenure.

He was elected First Vice-President for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention from 2002-2004.

He served as Trustee at the Criswell College, 2010-2012

 Adam Groza grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and has served in various ministry capacities in Arizona, California and Texas. He has taught philosophy at Tarleton State University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the College at Southwestern. He joined the Golden Gate family in June 2010 after serving on faculty and as Director of Admissions at Southwestern. He also currently serves as Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion.

Adam has been married to Holly since 2000 and together they have four children: Cosette, Charlie, Christian and Cate. Holly is from Burbank, California and enjoys being a stay-at-home mother and homeschooling her children. In their spare time, the Grozas enjoy hiking, going to the beach and concerts.

Adam holds these degrees:  Ph.D. and Th.M. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Div. from The Master’s Seminary and a B.S. from Northern Arizona Universtiy.

 Bill Henard is currently the Executive Director-Treasurer of the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists. He also serves as adjunct professor of Evangelism and Church Revitalization at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

He has pastored in Kentucky, served the Southern Baptist Convention as first vice-president, been trustee of LifeWay and served on the board of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Dr. Henard has been on many international mission trips as well as many home mission trips which included one to the state of New Mexico.

He is author of several articles and books including Can These Bones Live? A Practical Guide to Church Revitalization. 

Bill is married to Judy and they have 3 grown children, 3 children-in-law, and 5 grandchildren.

Lisa Hoff is an Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, CA.  She teaches graduate courses on topics that include cultural anthropology, intercultural communication, community engagement, and multicultural ministry.

Prior to her work at Golden Gate she lived and worked in East Asia for fifteen years as an urban strategist, cross-cultural trainer, and business entrepreneur. Dr. Hoff’s doctoral research focused on rapid urbanization in China and its impact on social structures, roles, and relationships.

Additional areas of ongoing research include multicultural teaming, mass migration, and the growth of global cities.

Most recently Dr. Hoff has published a chapter on the history of the Chinese Church in a text which focuses on the foundations, history, and strategies related to cross-cultural engagement.

Chad McDonald was born in Tulsa, OK, and was privileged to grow up in a Christian home.  His father served bi-vocationally in various capacities in local Southern Baptist churches in the Tulsa area.  For this reason, it is no surprise that Chad came to know Christ at the age of seven following a revival service at Clearview Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, OK.

During High School Chad surrendered his life to vocational ministry.  He attended Southwest Baptist University and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible.  He then attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Arts of Theology degree in 2003.  He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in leadership at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  While attending Southwestern Chad met his wife, Faith, who also holds a Masters degree from Southwestern.  Chad and Faith have two sons, Wyatt and Walker.

Chad served at McGehee Road Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL, pastored FBC Valley, AL, and then served two years as a campus pastor at Lenexa Baptist Church.  Chad became Senior Pastor at Lenexa Baptist in March 2015.

Wayne Poling is the Senior Sunday School Specialist at LifeWay Christian Resources.  In his role, Wayne gives leadership to Sunday School work with pastors, ministers of education, Sunday School directors, and other Sunday School general leaders.  For the last 35 years Wayne has traveled approximately 100 days a year throughout the United States training Sunday School leaders.  In October 2004, Wayne received LifeWay’s highest honor, the Career of Excellence Award.

Wayne has a passion for building Sunday Schools that genuinely transform lives.

Wayne’s writing includes six books:  How to Sunday School Manual, Conducting Potential Sunday School Worker Training, How to Sunday School Guide, Conducting Sunday School Planning Meetings, Sunday School Leader Training Handbook, and The Seven Laws of the Learner Leader Guide.  Additionally he has contributed chapters to several books, developed several training kits, and had over 100 articles published.

Wayne is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  Prior to coming to LifeWay Wayne was a minister of education in Texas.

Richard Ross is husband to LaJuana, who has joined him in a lifetime of loving teenagers. They are parents of Clayton. Richard served as youth minister for thirty years and now is a volunteer with teenagers and parents at Wedgwood Baptist in Fort Worth. Richard is professor to the next generation of youth ministers at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. Since its inception, Richard has served as the spokesperson for the international True Love Waits movement.

Phillips, Craig and Dean

Juggling dual vocations as both pastors and recording artists for more than two decades, Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig, and Dan Dean have created an impressive body of work inspired by what God is doing in their lives and their respective churches.

Transparency, passion and integrity have long been the foundation for Phillips, Craig, and Dean’s music and ministry.  The trio has churned out some of Christian music’s most enduring hits, including “Revelation Song,” which recently earned RIAA Gold Single status, signifying downloads of more than 500,000.  This is only the seventh time in the history of Christian music that a single has reached gold status.

The groundbreaking success of “Revelation Song” is only one of many impressive accomplishments in the group’s storied career. Phillips, Craig, and Dean has scored twenty-three No. 1 singles, won three GMA Dove Awards and sold nearly three million units. The group continues to tour while always being present Sunday through Wednesday to pastor their home churches. They push themselves to bring a fresh sound to fans, the trio is fully committed to serving up lyrics that encourage and inspire.

After more than two decades of music ministry, Phillips, Craig, and Dean remain as passionate as ever about sharing the Gospel through music. They’ve seen the impact a great song can have on a congregation, while serving as pastors in their home churches, and as they’ve traveled and performed all over the world. Hearing how their songs have touched people is a precious gift each member of Phillips, Craig, and Dean treasures and it motivates them to continue pulling double duty as both pastors and musicians.

“The call to pastor is a calling that God puts on your heart. We’ve raised up three really great, strong churches where, not only the lost were saved, but discipleship happens and communities form,” says Craig. “On the music side, the music is just in us. It’s what we’ve always loved since we were just kids. To have a national and an international stage is beyond our wildest dreams.”

Breakout Session Descriptions

Emerson Falls Evangelism for Introverts

One of the obstacles that keep some people from sharing the gospel is fear. Being an extrovert is not essential to evangelism. In this breakout session, we discover that sharing the gospel can be one of the most natural things we do. It is not a task reserved for the “professional,” but a task that every believer can perform.

David Galvan Small Groups in Church Outreach

Meeting in the Temple and from house to house is as old as the birth of the church in first century Jerusalem. Therefore, “casas culto” in Cuba or “Community Groups” in the U.S. is not the introduction of a new paradigm, but simply the implementation of the old. In this session, learn what God ordained as a proven method for ministry and for outreach; our church calls them Growth Groups.

Grupos Pequeños en el Alcance de la Iglesia

El reunirse en el Templo o de casa en casa es algo tan antiguo como el nacimiento de la iglesia del primer siglo en Jerusalén.  Por lo tanto, las “casas culto” en Cuba o los “Community Groups” en los E.E.UU no son la introducción de una paradigma nueva, sino sencillamente la implementación de lo antiguo.  En esta sesión, aprenda lo que Dios ordenó como un método comprobado para ministerio y alcance; nuestra iglesia les llama Grupos de Crecimiento.

Adam Groza  The Gospel For The Church and From The Church

Too often we read the passage about Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch and identify with Phillip, when first we must identify with the Ethiopian. The point being that if we want to be a church that shares the Gospel (The Gospel From Us) we must first be a church that sees our own need for the Gospel on a daily basis (The Gospel For Us).

Bill Henard  The Pastor as Church Revitalizationist
What are the basic qualifications needed to revitalize a church? Revitalization moves through specific processes, but it also requires particular demands of the pastor. This breakout will examine both the personal and spiritual markers necessary for a pastor to be successful in revitalizing his church. Additionally, the class will address both physical and spiritual barriers to revitalization and how to deal with them.

Lisa Hoff  Bridging the Cultural Divide: Equipping Women to Reach Diverse Communities

This session is focused on preparing women to share the Gospel with culturally and ethnically diverse people in their communities. Particular attention will be given to understanding different worldviews, building bridges of relationship, and contextualization of the Gospel. This discussion will be relevant to individuals in both domestic and international contexts who want to learn more about reaching their neighbors for Christ.

Chad McDonald  Five Essentials of the Evangelistic Sermon

At the heart of all biblical preaching is the good news of Jesus Christ. All preaching should be evangelistic. In this breakout we will explore five of the critical components of maintaining gospel focused preaching.

Wayne Poling  Key Factors in Developing Evangelistic Groups (Small Groups and Sunday School)

Your Bible Study Groups (Small Groups and Sunday School) can become one of the most effective avenues of reaching people for Christ. During this session we will explore how to increasingly involve members in 8 levels of evangelistic engagement. We will provide specific practical ideas you can use in developing evangelistic groups.

Richard Ross  Discipling the Next Generation

The goal for discipling the next generation is to make disciples who make disciples of all peoples. The criteria for evaluating ministry with a young generation is simply, ‘How many of those moving into adulthood are fully equipped to make disciples who make disciples?’ This session will prepare church leaders to launch a balanced, systematic, and comprehensive discipleship strategy—using a world-class curriculum that is free. Soon we will see young adults well-grounded in Core Doctrines, Biblical Interpretation, Apologetics, World View, Biblical Relationships, Ethics, Evangelism and Missions, Spiritual Disciplines, and Servant Leadership.

Phillips, Craig and Dean  Round Table Discussion