The Christian Challenge/BSU Ministries of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico are very excited to announce that we have 4 collegiate teams to serve churches across the state this summer. These teams will be available to serve 32 churches! If you are interested in hosting one of these teams please download and fill out the NM Team Church Request form below and email it to

We are working diligently to fill all 32 spots by early March. Please send the request form as soon as possible, however please keep in mind that it is not a first-come first-served process. The Collegiate Ministry Office will do our best to honor God and the BCNM by making the best decisions possible.  Please be patient with us as we process your requests. We may need to be in further contact with you before a team can be assigned. After the team is assigned we will work with you during the spring to determine all the logistical details for your team’s preparation and service. If we are unable to assign a team to your church, please continue to request a team for future summers.

The following is information that might help you decide if your church would be able to utilize one of our New Mexico Teams.


What would the team do?

Each weekly team assignment will look different depending on the church’s needs. Ideas on how the church might utilize the team are as follows.

  • Sunday morning or mid-week church programs
  • Helping facilitate a Vacation Bible School program.
  • Outreach opportunities within the community
  • Disciple Now events, youth lock-ins or other youth activities
  • Sports camps; recreation
  • Guided building or maintenance projects for church or community
  • Landscaping projects for church or community

There are many other ways the team can be utilized. The sky is the limit.


What is the church’s responsibility for the NM TEAM?

We ask that the church provide housing, meals, guidance and support during their assigned week.

*PLEASE NOTE: If the church cannot provide housing and meals this does not disqualify the church from receiving a team. We may be able work out those details.

Housing – Each team will arrive Saturday to stay with host church. We ask that girls and guys have separate rooms, with the exception of married couples. The team will leave Friday for their next destination.

Meals – If possible, the church or host homes would provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the team members, from arrival to departure.

Guidance and Support – We request that the church give hands-on direction to the team as to how they will be serving and keep them updated if any changes occur.

If you have any questions please contact Terra Mitchell, Christian Challenge Collegiate Ministry Administrative Assistant at or 575-642-2788.