If you are currently a leader in Women’s Ministry or if you have the desire to become a leader, here is the process of steps that you can take to be certified through the BCNM to be a Women’s Ministry Leader.

Step One: Work through the book Minister to Others.

Step Two: Choose two webcasts to download or watch online from “Lifeway Women Live”. 

Step Three: Complete a Spiritual Gifts Analysis.

Step Four: Attend Leadership or Spiritual Growth Retreat

Step Five: Read two of the following books: A) Women Reaching Women: Beginning and Building a Growing Women’s Ministry compiled by Chris Adams B) Transformed Lives: Taking Women’s Ministry to the Next Level compiled by Chris Adams C) A Womens Guide to Servant Leadership by Rhonda Kelley D) Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century from Group Publishing E) Designing Effective Women’s Ministries by Jill Briscoe, Laurie Katz McIntyre & Beth Seversen F) Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry by Diane Davis G) Building an Effective Women’s Minstry by Sharon Jaynes.

Step Six: Choose one of the following activities for yourself: 1) Participate in a Women’s Ministry Bible Study 2) Be a mentor to someone else by leading them through a Bible study 3) Serve in your church in some capacity of Women’s Ministry

Step Seven: Organize a Service Project for yourself and others in your church to participate in.

Receive Certificate – Celebration!

If you are interested and would like more information on how you can sign up to participate in this Leadership Track please contact Krista Peterson at 505-924-2333, kpeterson@bcnm.com or Kim Treece at 505-924-2316, ktreece@bcnm.com.